The use of mobile location data across industry continues to grow, whether it be for advertising, attribution solutions, financial decision making, or analytics platforms. Reveal Mobile’s privacy-compliant approach to manage aggregate datasets simplifies the process of understanding, analyzing, and taking action on location data at scale.



Transparency not only means openness regarding our data sources, but also sharing our approach with customers. Reveal Mobile sources mobile location data through our own SDK, mobile app publishers, and a select group of preferred data partners. We routinely help customers identify and correct issues they face with their own large-scale location datasets.


Reveal Mobile processes over four billion data points per day. Each location event is run through a cleansing process to check for malformed data, proper timestamps, legitimate geographic locations, duplicate events, and more. Data is then matched to our proprietary “point of interest” database to match events to valid business locations. We perform “data tracing” to monitor and protect data from being re-sold and shared inappropriately.



We follow the industry best practices of the mobile and advertising industry leaders in privacy. We honor all OS opt-outs, don’t collect any personally identifiable information, and de-identify all device data to ensure privacy and compliance. Reveal Mobile is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). Reveal Mobile undergoes an annual NAI compliance review and adheres to the NAI’s Code of Conduct. Additionally, we are EU-US Privacy Shield Certified and belong the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Transparency & Consent Framework.


Work with Reveal Mobile to find strategic long-term value in location intelligence for advertising, product, and customer acquisition decisions.

True Additive Value

Only Reveal Mobile provides back true additive value to product, sales, and advertising teams, whether that’s through a simple, yet powerful user interface, or through sophisticated reporting solutions.

Cleaned and Analyzed Audience Data

We display analyzed audience data in a simple-to-use user interface. Use this data to understand where your audience visits to inform product decisions, to tailor in-app content, and to increase advertising revenue.

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