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Geofencing Marketing Template

November 30, 2020 by Dan Dillon

When designing your custom audience within your geofencing marketing tool, there are three tried and true segments to target. You want to retarget current customers, geoconquest to win over new customers and think about where else your ideal customers also go to reach them there. The following is a handy geofencing marketing template to get your gears turning and on your way to building a powerful, high-intent audience.  

While thinking about these segments, keep in mind your campaign goals. Are you trying to increase customer retention or beat the competition?  Maybe you are trying to build mindshare and brand awareness with those who may or may not have heard of the brand you are advertising. Regardless of your goals, these geofencing marketing audiences will make an impact on your campaign by cutting out wasted ad spend and targeting only those who are most likely to convert.  

One more thing to consider when you are building your audience is whether you want to run these audiences in separate campaigns or aggregated as one large audience for one campaign.  Some of the benefits for running separate campaigns for each audience segment:

  • you can be more personalized with your creative, copy and or calls to action
  • you can measure the audiences against each other to optimize

You wouldn’t want to run an ad that says “try something new” or “20% off for new customers only” served to your loyal customers. Keeping the audiences together and running one campaign may decrease your CPM because your reach will be larger with a larger audience, but they may not convert as well if the ads are not as personalized.  

Happy brainstorming!

Download the Template

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