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New Features Expand Location-Based Targeting

July 27, 2016 by Reveal Mobile

Location-based audience targeting with Reveal Mobile just got a big boost.

Previously our user interface displayed mobile audiences based upon the types or categories of places that people visited. Our latest release now includes detailed analytics about the top locations that your audience visits, broken out by category.

Unique users by location

Seeing the actual locations that your audience visits most opens up many new opportunities:

  • Source new advertising opportunities at the national and local level. Digital sales teams will be armed with audience data they’ve never had before, and will know where ad dollars can make the most impact.
  • Build actionable audience segments based off business names
  • Measure foot traffic over time to attribute lift due to ad campaigns.
  • Gaming companies looking to build augmented reality into their apps will know high density locations. This is great for product development and incredibly valuable to advertisers.

Ultimately, our mission is to build the world’s most accurate source of mobile audience data. By using both Bluetooth beacon signals and lat/long to build these audience segments, plus these new ways to target an audience, our customers are seeing 75-477% increases in their advertising performance. More on that soon in a few upcoming case studies.