Reveal Mobile Introduces New Out of Home Measurement Solution for Mid-Market Brands

Raleigh, NC March 27, 2023 – Reveal Mobile, the geofencing marketing and campaign measurement company, announced today a new out of home (OOH) campaign measurement solution that shows incrementality for audiences exposed to an OOH ad while the campaign is still running. 

The new measurement study, designed for mid-market brands and retailers, is updated daily and viewable throughout the campaign. It shows marketers the impact their OOH campaigns have on people who saw their ad. Known as an exposed-only study, the solution can measure incrementality on physical store visits, website visits and checkouts, and mobile app activities.

Most OOH campaign measurement studies are available only after the outdoor campaign ends, making marketers wait up to several weeks to know the results. This new measurement solution lets marketers know how their OOH campaigns are performing while the campaigns run, eliminating waiting periods altogether.

“Measuring out of home campaigns has been out of reach for many mid-sized companies because of the cost and the time required to do it well,” said Jonathan Frangakis, chief commercial officer at Reveal Mobile. “This new solution makes authoritative OOH measurement studies accessible to brands that may not have previously been able to meet spending or impression thresholds.”

The new exposed-only OOH measurement solution expands Reveal Mobile’s portfolio of campaign effectiveness reports, which includes:

  • Social Media Campaigns to Store Foot Traffic
  • Programmatic Display Campaigns to Store Foot Traffic
  • OOH Campaigns to Store Foot Traffic with Control Group
  • OOH Campaigns to Website Actions with Control Group
  • OOH Campaigns to In-App Actions with Control Group

The exposed-only OOH measurement studies are available to Reveal Mobile customers through the Mira Console, the industry’s first self-service platform for out of home campaign measurement studies.