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Announcing Visit: A New Platform for Location-Based Marketing & Analytics

November 7, 2018 by Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile, a leader in location-based marketing, announces the launch of the Visit platform. The product is a leap forward for agencies, digital sales teams, retailers and brands, producing easy-to-understand location-based analytics made actionable through a powerful audience builder. Customers then reach these audiences across the digital advertising ecosystem and social media channels.

The Visit platform marks the culmination of months of customer research and product development. New location-based analytics make it simple for brands and their agencies to visualize the audiences that visit their locations, their competitors’ locations, and measure foot traffic over time.

Visit platform analyticsFrom these analytics, brands and agencies can easily convert them into location-based audiences for advertising across the digital advertising ecosystem, and also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, forming the second key component of the technology.

The final new addition to Reveal Mobile’s Visit platform is integrations to audience marketplaces like Kochava, Adsquare, Pushspring, and BDEX. Additionally, customers can activate audiences across all major data management platforms and demand-side platforms via LiveRamp. Visit creates and sends both standard and custom audiences to these platforms, making it simple for advertisers to reach location-based audiences in the marketing channel of their choice.

“We repeatedly heard from the market that they were lacking tools to help them understand and sell location-based audiences, and lacking flexibility to take these audiences to multiple platforms and channels” says CEO Brian Handly, “so we set out to fix that.”

“We’ve already been making extensive use of Reveal Mobile’s audience builder for creating location-based audiences,” says Scott Palmer, VP of Digital Marketing at the award-winning agency French|West|Vaughan. “With the addition of the new foot traffic and competitive analytics, our team brings insights to our clients that they’ve never seen before. This helps reinforce our thought-leadership and credibility with our clients and in the market.”

Forming the foundation for the platform is a significant investment in Reveal Mobile’s point-of-interest database. The new geospatial platform leverages best-in-class building footprint data and business metadata, while allowing the seamless integration of internal, open source, and 3rd party data. The result: the market’s most powerful geospatial platform for matching anonymized location data to real-world locations.

“The Visit platform makes it easy for us to visualize and take action on location-based audiences, which increases the value of our digital ad spend. Reveal Mobile is a great partner to work with,” states Matt Magnani, VP Marketing Operations at Performance Bicycle.

Handly concludes, “The new location-driven analytics help both brands and sales teams see their audiences in new ways. Making these audiences actionable across audience marketplaces and social media creates one of the most powerful advertising products on the market today.”

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Learn How Customers Use Visit

Reveal Mobile co-hosts a new webinar “Understanding & Selling Location-Based Marketing” along with Gupta Media and Heartland Media on Wednesday November 28th. Register for the webinar.


About Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile provides location-based marketing and analytics. Customizable reporting helps advertisers and agencies easily understand the audiences that visit the locations they care about, and the profile of that audience. A powerful user interface makes it easy to build location-based audiences and then reach them through digital advertising and social media. Post-campaign reporting simplifies the process of understanding the increase in foot traffic as a result of the campaigns. The company’s privacy-compliant approach has earned the company membership in the Network Advertising Initiative, undergoing annual privacy certifications.  Reveal Mobile is based in Raleigh, NC.