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WRAL Focuses on Mobile Revenue Growth With Reveal Mobile’s Audience Data

December 4, 2015 by Reveal Mobile

WRAL News App

As their digital audience continues to shift towards consuming content on mobile, WRAL, owned by Capitol Broadcasting Company, launched mobile audience measurement across their family of mobile apps. By partnering with Reveal Mobile, a mobile audience data platform, WRAL now sells advertisers their desired targeted audiences across their news, weather, and sports apps.

John Conway, GM of, adopts a forward looking viewpoint. “Providing better value to both advertisers and our audience is key focus for 2016 and beyond. Being able to understand our mobile audience helps us form a strong foundation that we can build upon.”

In addition to their in-house development team, WRAL partners with Baron Weather for the flagship WRAL Weather app. Reveal Mobile worked closely with Baron Weather to complete the inclusion of Reveal Mobile’s technology inside their apps. Glen Denny, Baron Weather’s President of Enterprise Solutions, remarks, “It’s important for us to be a responsive partner to WRAL while providing them with innovative and forward-thinking solutions. The integration of Reveal Mobile’s SDK was simple, making this an easy decision for our team.”

Reveal Mobile’s patent-pending technology builds audience segments based upon Bluetooth beacons deployed anywhere in the world in addition to latitude/longitude. When devices bump into beacons that Reveal Mobile has detected and classified, those devices are grouped together into anonymous audience segments like sports fans and coffee drinkers.

Leading the charge to better monetize WRAL’s mobile apps is Chris Weatherly, Digital Sales Manager. “Implementing Reveal Mobile was a no-brainer. At a minimum we’re getting data about our mobile audience that we’ve never seen before. What makes this compelling is that we now have advertising products that no one else in our market has. Creating mobile audience segments, building retargeting audiences off of beacon interactions, and demonstrating attribution allows us to create more relevant campaigns and increase our sales price.”

Reveal Mobile’s CEO Brian Handly points out that “Using beacons to build location-based audiences remains the best-kept secret in mobile audience measurement today. We greatly improve both the accuracy and size of audience segments by measuring devices that bump into our global database of classified beacons. This first-hand data provides incredible value back to WRAL’s advertisers.”