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Case Study: Solving for Foot Traffic Attribution

January 20, 2021 by Reveal Mobile


A major media company worked with their client, a discount department store, to run a digital campaign with the goal of driving foot traffic to the retailer’s locations. The ads ran the month before Christmas 2020 on the media company’s streaming platform.  



The media company knew their ads’ reach was enormous and their data could tell them about clicks and other engagement metrics. But they did not have a way to know if their ad drove actual foot traffic to their client’s stores. They turned to VISIT Local to provide foot traffic attribution for the campaign.



The media company used Reveal Mobile’s pixel-based attribution capability to track the effectiveness of their ads. Using the pixel, Reveal Mobile matched the mobile ad IDs from the media company’s audience to ad impressions. A total of 51,481 audience members were served an ad. Furthermore, VISIT Local automatically detected devices that shared a household with the primary audience, providing a more robust set of foot traffic attribution results to the retailer.



The media company was able to deliver and report back to the retailer a highly successful campaign. Of the 51,481 pixeled audience members who saw an ad, 639 visited the retailer’s brick and mortar stores — a 1.24% conversion rate over the 30-day campaign. When the media company included the devices that share a household with the audience members, the conversion rate jumped to 4.46%.

Since we detect about 10% of all in-store visits, we can extrapolate that 6,400 shoppers visited the retailer’s locations as a result of this campaign.  If each of these 6,400 customers spent $40*, the media company increased the retailer’s in-store sales by $256,000 during the campaign window.  

*$40 is the average basket size in 2019 for similar discount department stores, according to Nielsen