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Case Study: Tapping Into Quality Leads for a High-End Consumer Product

May 26, 2020 by Reveal Mobile

Using VISIT Local to generate sales pipeline and reach a discerning market with a new, high-end consumer product.



iBBQ is a new, high-end barbeque table designed to bring family and friends together at home. The company offers two grilling table options and is spearheading the “Social Grilling®” market. The two grill models

range in price from $4,500 to $15,000, giving the company a unique opportunity to serve higher income consumers. iBBQ’s target audience is made up of homeowners who are at least 35 years old. To reach this audience, the company’s marketing efforts have included an interactive catalog, trade shows, print advertising, and TV program placements. Generating buzz around their product was relatively easy, but finding quality leads with enough interest and budget to make a purchase was not.



As a new brand with a unique, high-end product, iBBQ’s biggest challenge was building brand awareness and generating a sales pipeline with an audience that was most likely to convert. They needed to penetrate a market where buyers typically conducted a good deal of research and valued quality in making a purchase decision.

Before using VISIT Local, iBBQ’s marketing efforts drove thousands of inquiries per month, but only 10 to 15 percent of those leads met the qualifying criteria. The marketing team used Facebook’s built-in targeting tools, which generated a high volume of leads. However, 85 to 90 percent of them were not qualified. The sales team found themselves spending too much time sifting through the noise and not spending enough time on converting and closing new customers.


The marketing team needed to find a way to supply the sales team with a higher percentage of qualified leads while maintaining a high volume of inquiries.


Campaign Details

Once iBBQ implemented VISIT Local, the company’s marketing team no longer relies on broad campaigns that cast too wide a net. The team now uses VISIT Local to build audiences made up of visitors to high-income locations and uses them as custom audiences on social media. The marketing team uses VISIT Local’s custom polygon feature to create unique geofences around specific locations where they know their target audience frequents.

The iBBQ team has found success in creating numerous geofences rather than using large radii and running the risk of capturing people who are not a fit for their product. Building a custom geofence in VISIT Local takes just a few seconds, and visitors to those locations appear in VISIT Local audiences within 24 hours of the geofence being created.



By creating custom polygons in VISIT Local to include just their target audience, iBBQ has seen great outcomes. While audience sizes have varied across geofences, they have been of much higher quality than audiences the team had been targeting previously. “It’s become quality over quantity,” said Anna Ekstrand, marketing executive at iBBQ. “No audience has been smaller than about 17,000 devices. We then match the VISIT Local audiences in Facebook using custom audiences. We get approximately a 70 percent match rate.”

iBBQ’s ads consist of single image lead campaigns — product focused and action oriented — which has proven appealing to their target audience. “Having a clear call to action is vital,” Ekstrand said. “We look to understand our audience through A/B testing. We learned that “Get Quote” or “Learn More” options convert better than a “Buy Now” button. There’s less pressure on the prospect this way, and meets their needs to do more research before making the purchase.



Once iBBQ started building audiences in VISIT Local and using them to target ads on Facebook, they saw a 600 percent increase in qualified leads. Lead volume also grew as they kept a healthy marketing mix across channels. Previous marketing efforts generated 10 to 15 percent qualified leads. With audiences from VISIT Local, the qualified lead percentage from Facebook increased to 80 percent. Using VISIT Local, the iBBQ marketing team is now able to focus on their target market more efficiently and provide the sales team with a greater volume of qualified opportunities for their premium social grilling products.

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