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Desktop and Mobile Video Getting More Ad Spend

May 27, 2016 by Reveal Mobile

eMarketer recently shared new research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau which predicts that digital ad spend will increasingly shift to video. From the article:

“…mobile is spearheading that growth. According to eMarketer estimates, mobile video ad spending in the US jumped 80.6% in 2015 and is forecast to see double-digit growth through 2019.”

Desktop video ad spend expected to increase

What’s missing from this analysis is which publishers are going to receive that spend. A deeper dive here usually reveals a less rosy picture.

Facebook and Google take 67% of all mobile ad spend today. That leaves tens of thousands of publishers competing for the remaining 33%.

The takeaway – you can’t compete for this ad spend based upon the size of your network. To stay relevant, you’ll fight on two fronts. You have to compete on your ability to deliver engaging creatives. Most importantly, you will have to compete with the best audience data possible.

Desktop audience data – this is pretty well figured out. Thanks, cookie.

Mobile audience data – this is where we fit in. The best mobile audience data derives from location. Unfortunately, lat/long location data is terribly inaccurate and only getting worse.  Sixty-eight percent, yes 68% of the location data you’re using today is likely less accurate than a football field. That’s awful. Garbage in, garbage out.

While we make smart use of lat/long, we deliver incredibly accurate location-based audiences by leveraging our proprietary database of Bluetooth beacons. More about that on

Beacons are accurate to within a few meters and build bigger audiences (beacon detection easily runs in the background). ABI Research estimates 400,000,000 beacons by 2021, and we see millions of beacon bumps every day. This sector of audience data is growing rapidly.

If you’re out to capture some of this increased ad spend, and if location really matters to you, let’s talk.

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