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Share of global ad spend by medium

June 2, 2022

Rethinking Mobile Advertising Trends: Maximizing ROI

Having a singular focus on maximizing the ROI of mobile advertising encourages the wrong behavior.   Since the banner ad made its debut, digital publishers have been doing everything they can… Read More ››

Research / Analysis, Social Media Advertising
2018 Black Friday Foot Traffic Statistics By Hour

June 1, 2022

Black Friday Shopping Foot Traffic Trends

Black Friday Shopping Foot Traffic Trends To shed light on how the epic shopping day of Black Friday is changing, we’ve pulled together a few of our own statistics, as… Read More ››

Foot Traffic & Attribution, Research / Analysis
Retail Marketing

March 29, 2022

Measuring Holiday Foot Traffic Trends: The Future Of Retail Marketing

Portions of this article originally appeared on New technologies in the mobile phone era are enabling the measurement of retail foot traffic that will ultimately change how retail promotions… Read More ››

Foot Traffic & Attribution, Research / Analysis

September 9, 2021

Are NFL Sponsorships Worth It?

As a follow up to our article showing whether major league sports sponsorships are worth it, which covered the NBA, MLB and NHL, we put together an article fully dedicated… Read More ››

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Digital Agency

August 26, 2021

It’s The Best & Worst Time to Be a Digital Agency

There’s no shortage of articles highlighting the challenges that digital marketing and ad agencies face today. They are under pressure to deliver data-driven insights about the customer journey, measurement and… Read More ››

Research / Analysis
Growth in geofencing, geotargeting and location-based marketing

April 30, 2021

Infographic: Growth in Geofencing, Geotargeting and Location-Based Marketing

Nearly 90 percent of marketers use location data in campaigns. This includes everything from geotargeting entire countries in Google Ads to geofencing with polygons at the building level with VISIT… Read More ››

Geofencing marketing, Industry Insights, Location-Based Marketing, Research / Analysis, Social Media Advertising
Faneuil Hall marketplace tourist shoppers

December 29, 2020

Where Travelers to the Top U.S. Tourist Destinations Eat and Shop 

2020 was the year of C’s: Coronavirus. Covid. Cabin fever. That shut-in feeling gave rise to dreams of traveling, getting in the car or on a plane and heading to… Read More ››

Industry Insights, Research / Analysis
Geofencing Marketing Report

November 9, 2020

How Agencies and Brands Use Geofencing Marketing to Grow Their Business

Updated 5/25/2022 Geofencing marketing has earned its place in the digital marketing mix through the establishment of best practices and consistently driving reliable results.  Digital marketers see opportunities for geofencing… Read More ››

Geofencing marketing, Industry Insights, Research / Analysis
Location-Based Marketing Benchmark Report

August 21, 2020

Location-Based Marketing Benchmark Report: How Digital Marketers Use Location Data in Advertising

Location-based marketing is a rapidly evolving practice. Investment in geotargeted ads is growing at 40 percent, making it one of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing. There’s good reason…. Read More ››

Industry Insights, Location-Based Marketing, Research / Analysis

June 23, 2020

How to Make the Most of Paid Media Right Now

During an economic downturn, ad market dynamics and ad buyer behaviors shift. Amid these changes, it’s critical for consumer brands to continue to advertise. Marketers and the agencies that work… Read More ››

Location-Based Audience Ideas, Research / Analysis
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