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How to Increase Retail Foot Traffic with Geofencing Ads

September 22, 2021 by Reveal Mobile

Geofencing is a powerful marketing strategy used to precisely target audiences within a geographic location and deliver ads relevant to those audiences. Geofencing also includes campaign attribution so marketers can know the return on ad spend. Using geofencing ads is a great way to drive in-store foot traffic and convert your target audience into customers.

What is Geofencing Marketing?

Geofencing marketing enables the creation of a virtual boundary around a specific geographic area, such as a building, a parking lot, a shopping mall, or other physical location. A geofence is precise down to one meter. As eligible consumers enter the defined area, they become part of the advertising audience. Ads can be delivered via a wide range of channels, including social media, display, CTV, and more.

Strategies for Geofencing Ads to Increase Foot Traffic

Know where your audiences are

You will need to create high-intent audiences for your geofencing ad campaigns to work. But to do so, you need to know and find your audience first.

Construct a profile of your ideal customer using location-based data. That way, you can build targeted audiences based on real places they visit.

Places Your Customers Shop

An established digital marketing solutions provider like Reveal Mobile can help you do that. It gives accurate location data to enable the precise identification of your target group.

Reach your target audience

Geofencing marketing can reach audiences through multiple ad channels and platforms. The desired path is social media, demand-side platforms for display, and CTV, which drive foot traffic to your retail stores or other locations. Geofencing boundaries can include competitors as well so you can win market share and bring new, high-intent customers to your physical store.

You can maximize your reach by targeting consumers across devices. Geofencing marketing can also link to everyone in a household who has purchasing power or influence over a buying decision.

Make your ads relatable and actionable

Geofencing ads must be actionable and relatable enough to increase store traffic and drive sales. They need to be precisely matched to your audience and be relevant to their past store visits.

Use the data and profile of your potential customers to make impactful ads. Use a compelling call to action, such as a discount for people who return to your store within a certain number of days.

Measure campaign performance

The big advantage of geofencing advertising is foot-traffic attribution, allowing you to track conversions from your targeted audience.

Foot Traffic Attribution

VISIT Local gives you attribution reports that allow you to make adjustments to in-flight campaigns so you can get the best possible return. Once the campaign ends, you receive a comprehensive report that you can use to develop better campaigns in the future. 

Many marketing campaigns are hard to measure and are too broad to produce a cost-effective return. Successful marketers using geofencing ads see healthy boosts in their campaigns and enjoy higher than average click-through and conversion rates. 

VISIT Local puts the power of geofencing marketing in your hands. Get started today by requesting a demo.