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Mobile Ad Spend Grows Globally, But…

June 20, 2016 by Reveal Mobile

ZenithOptimedia published new research this week. This executive summary emphasizes that mobile ad spend will overtake desktop ad spend by 2018, earlier than they previously estimated.

Share of global ad spend by medium


While the report does point to China and the US being the primary drivers of this growth, there’s the unanswered question of exactly where advertisers will spend their money on mobile.

In the US, Facebook, Google, and Twitter command 65-80% of mobile ad spend, depending upon which source you’re reading and on which day. The implications of this, regardless of the exact percentage, are staggering.

Companies that fund themselves with advertising revenue against their mobile content face serious pressure from these big three. These giants have the best targeting tools available and mobile-ready ad formats, which makes it an easy buy for advertisers.

The tens of thousands of other publishers fighting for the remaining ad dollars need audience targeting tools, in addition to excellent creatives, and a valuable audience.

Our mission here at Reveal Mobile is to build the world’s most accurate source of mobile audience data based upon Bluetooth beacons, lat/long, and other data signals. We help app publishers compete in this rapidly growing market.

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