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Webinar: How agencies and brands advertise effectively during an economic downturn

How Agencies and Brands Advertise Effectively During an Economic Downturn

During a downturn, ad market dynamics and ad buyer behaviors shift. Amidst these changes, history and data tell us that consumer brands should continue to advertise. Forward-thinking marketers can continue to drive growth even while headwinds are at their strongest. But how do you make sound decisions when the risk level is high?

Whitepaper: Quarterly retail foot traffic benchmarks

Quarterly Retail Foot Traffic Benchmarks

Reveal Mobile explores their nationwide location-based datasets to evaluate quarter-over-quarter foot traffic at the top 100 most visited retail locations between Q3 2018 and Q4 2018.

Webinar, White Paper
Holiday Shopping Trends from 2018

Holiday Shopping Trends from 2018

Reveal Mobile and The Location Based Marketing Association partnered for this informative webinar, highlighting foot traffic trends over the holidays, as well as new location-based marketing industry data and use cases.

Understanding and Selling location based marketing

Understanding & Selling Location-Based Marketing

In this whitepaper, Reveal Mobile unravels the technology behind geotargeting & location-based marketing, how to visualize and understand it, and how to effectively buy and sell these audiences.

Case Study, Webinar
Building Custom Audiences Webinar

“Building Custom Audiences” Webinar

In this 30 minute webinar, discover strategies for using data to build custom audiences on social media.

Two Case Studies in Geotargeting

“Two Case Studies In Geotargeting” Webinar

Learn how WRAL took advantage of new and existing technology to build two innovative and high performing mobile ad campaigns.

Case Study, Webinar