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Social media advertising how to use custom audiences

Social Media Advertising: How to use custom audiences

Agencies, brands, retailers and advertisers that run campaigns on social media know that they can use the social platform’s built-in targeting tools to reach certain audiences. The best way to target audiences via paid social ads are through the use of custom audiences.

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Questions marketers and advertisers need to ask before buying location data

Questions Marketers and Advertisers Need to Ask Before Buying Location Data

Reveal Mobile has created this guide to empower buyers of data and location intelligence software location to have valuable conversations with solution providers in the location data space.

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A win for statewide water funding: A case study powered by visit local

Case Study: A Win for Statewide Water Funding

Learn how an agency used geofencing marketing to reach sports fans to drive site traffic and a yes vote for a state ballot initiative to fund state water plans and legalize sports betting.

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Whitepaper: Foot traffic attribution and the digital marketer

Foot Traffic Attribution and the Digital Marketer

Reveal Mobile discusses why foot traffic attribution can be so hard to measure and shares various ways to solve for it. This includes a case study featuring a digital agency that measured the impact of display and social media ads on amusement park visits.

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Quick service success

Case Study: Quick Service Success

Moe’s digital agency used location data to geotarget and geoconquest and achieved an increased conversion rate.

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White paper: How advertisers allocate holiday ad spend - 2019 survey results

How Advertisers Allocate Holiday Ad Spend

Reveal Mobile shares the results of their 2019 survey of how advertisers plan to allocate their holiday ad spend. Building upon the 2018 survey, the whitepaper will compare results from the prior year to spot any new trends.

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Magic springs amusement ride

Case Study: Audiences and Attribution for Amusement Parks

A forward-thinking agency made creative use of location-based marketing and analytics for a theme park to reach and measure visitors.

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Out of home case study

An Out-Of-Home Case Study Powered by VISIT Match

This case study describes a unique twist on incorporating privacy compliant location data into a cutting edge out-of-home campaign.

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Finding elvis: blending location and customer audiences to reach elvis fans

Case Study: Finding Elvis

Sony Music worked with their digital agency to drive awareness and purchases for a re-imagined Elvis gospel album.

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Whitepaper: Quarterly retail foot traffic benchmarks

Quarterly Retail Foot Traffic Benchmarks

Reveal Mobile explores their nationwide location-based datasets to evaluate quarter-over-quarter foot traffic at the top 100 most visited retail locations between Q3 2018 and Q4 2018.

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Whitepaper: Location-based marketing FAQs

Location-Based Marketing FAQs

In this guide, Reveal Mobile provides marketing professionals with answers to their most commonly asked questions about location-based marketing.

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Holiday Shopping Trends from 2018

Holiday Shopping Trends from 2018

Reveal Mobile and The Location Based Marketing Association partnered for this informative webinar, highlighting foot traffic trends over the holidays, as well as new location-based marketing industry data and use cases.

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