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Reveal Mobile Launches Foot Traffic Attribution Solution

June 24, 2019 by Reveal Mobile

We’re thrilled to announce today the launch of foot traffic attribution reporting within our VISIT Local platform.  As digital advertising continues to mature, brands and advertisers are looking for more than click-through rates as the sole measure of campaign success. They increasingly seek validation that campaigns create new foot traffic and ultimately new revenue. Our foot traffic attribution reporting provides an effective and alternative way to measure online-to-real-world campaign effectiveness.

Foot Traffic Attribution for Agencies and Brands

At Reveal Mobile, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients at agencies and brands for location-based campaigns and analytics. Our customers repeatedly expressed frustration at overpriced attribution solutions that return campaign results too late, rely too much on extrapolating numbers, and offer no competitive insights. This latest release addresses these industry challenges.

Within VISIT Local, our customers can build an attribution report within minutes, and within 24 hours begin tracking their results for the duration of their campaign. Advertisers appreciate receiving these insights while a campaign is in progress, allowing them to make changes on the fly when needed.

Reveal Mobile Foot Traffic Attribution reporting

Customer Successes

“The ability to provide any measure of attribution reporting while the campaign is running is a valuable differentiator for us. This new transparency and improved insights builds trust and credibility with our clients by allowing more accountability for campaign attribution and overall measurement,” says Nick ten Bensel, CEO of Plunge Digital.  

Not only can marketers track the effectiveness of campaigns that reach audiences visiting their own locations, VISIT Local’s foot traffic attribution makes it easy to visualize competitive foot traffic. This broader view of the industry allows marketers to measure their success against their peers, while accounting for fluctuations that may affect all competitors. Because we build these reports from aggregated foot traffic, they provide valuable insight not only for digital campaigns, but also TV, radio, and print.

“Brands and their agencies are always looking to justify and optimize their advertising spend,” says Reveal Mobile’s CEO, Brian Handly.  “These new foot traffic attribution reports provide an excellent mechanism for marketers to evaluate their success.”

Brad Prentice, CEO of Marketing Management, Inc. remarks, “We’ve finally found a solution that provides us with foot traffic attribution reporting that gets us the data we need, while not crushing our margins. These reports are quickly becoming instrumental to our media planning and customer success process.”  

With the addition of foot traffic attribution, VISIT Local creates a new standard for location-based marketing and foot traffic reporting.  Its suite of powerful reporting and audience building makes it a powerful tool for agencies and brands of all sizes.


About Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile is an industry leader in location-based marketing and analytics. Customizable reporting helps advertisers and agencies easily understand the audiences that visit the locations they care about, and the profile of that audience. A powerful user interface makes it easy to build location-based audiences and then reach them through digital advertising and social media. Foot traffic attribution reporting simplifies the process of understanding the increase in foot traffic as a result of the campaigns. The company’s privacy-compliant approach has earned the company membership in the Network Advertising Initiative, undergoing annual privacy certifications.  Reveal Mobile is based in Raleigh, NC. For more information, visit