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Where Else Do Target & Walmart Visitors Shop?

August 1, 2016 by Reveal Mobile

As we continue to explore more Bluetooth beacon derived data, we drill into more retail shopping patterns for Target and Walmart. For these charts, we examined devices that bumped into beacons at either retailer.

One of the most surprising elements: the next most popular place to visit if you’re a Target shoppers is Walmart. We also see a strong propensity to visit Starbucks. Perhaps that’s a result of many Target’s having Starbucks nested inside their stores.

Where else do Target visitors shop?

When we examine the other locations that Walmart shoppers visit, we do see some overlap with Target, but the correlation isn’t as strong. There’s also a propensity to visit more fast food locations, which may be influenced by these chains living inside Walmart locations.


The two companies compared side-to-side gives us a better picture of the propensity to visit specific locations.