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Younger Generations Prefer Relevant Mobile Ads

September 26, 2016 by Reveal Mobile

A new study from Nielsen breaks down advertising preferences on mobile devices. With many different advertising options available, the “2016 Connected Device Report” highlights how app publishers and mobile marketers should think about advertising across different age ranges.

The data, summarized nicely by the Center for Media Research, looks like this.

Reasons for taking action on a mobile ad on a smartphone

From the Center of Media Research, “19% of Millennials, 17% of Generation X and 14% of Baby Boomers said that viewing an ad with a coupon or promotion is the top motivator when it comes to mobile advertising on smartphones. In comparison, Generation Z and the Greatest Generation are most motivated by an ad that is targeted to what they’re searching for.

Coupons and promotions remain a big driver of ad engagement.

One HUGE takeaway for us is that being within walking distance, or even driving distance, isn’t very motivating for any age group.

Location based advertising doesn’t resonate when attempting to serve an ad within a geofence. Just because you’re nearby a store, doesn’t mean you’re interested in visiting! The context of why you’re nearby is just as a important.

Of course, we’re most interested in the data showing that audiences prefer ads targeted to specific their interests. In mobile, this means leveraging location history over time, along with other data signals, to build compelling mobile advertising campaigns.

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