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An Out-Of-Home Case Study

August 21, 2019 by Reveal Mobile

An example of the wrapped car from the VISIT Match mobilads case study

A unique twist on incorporating privacy compliant location data into a cutting edge out-of-home campaign.



mobilads is a data driven out-of-home advertising company. They wrap rideshare vehicles with eye-catching ads for their clients while using sophisticated analytics to optimize and report on their campaigns.

In this case study, mobilads worked with a consumer brand to increase awareness and text message sign-ups for their mobile truck stores in Atlanta and Houston. These trucks offer highly-rated products at steep discounts to be picked up on-the-spot.

Proving the efficacy of these campaigns in two markets is vital, as success determines if the marketing program expands to other cities.


Campaign Goal

The goal of the campaign was to ultimately drive visits to their client’s trucks by increasing awareness and user text message sign-ups. mobilads used their wrapped rideshare vehicles, as well as interior ads on headrest organizers, with a call-to-action for passengers to enroll.

Coupling out-of-home advertising with a retargeting paid digital display campaign, mobilads hoped to increase foot traffic to the trucks and win repeat business from their client.



Measuring the ability of out-of-home ad spend to drive increased online and offline activity is already difficult enough. There is limited data on your viewership. mobilads faced an even more difficult task: measuring viewership and proximity to advertising that is constantly moving around town on rideshare vehicles! The trucks themselves also changed locations throughout the campaign, instead of remaining in one stationary location.




Campaign Details

mobilads wrapped 200 rideshare vehicles in Atlanta and Houston as well as placed a headrest organizer with a call to action to sign up via text message inside the cars. The campaign began on May 13th, 2019 and ran for 30 days. People texted a special code to subscribe to text alerts about the trucks’ locations.

mobilads also sought to reinforce their visual messages with digital ads. To accomplish this, they built a retargeting campaign to reach audiences seen within the proximity of their rideshare vehicles throughout the day.



mobilads partnered with Reveal Mobile, using the VISIT Match solution, to source the privacy compliant location data they would need for their campaign analytics, as well as to create the geotargeted audiences.

Using moving geofences around the known locations of the wrapped vehicles as they moved throughout the day, mobilads used Reveal Mobile’s data to match the audiences inside each of the 200 cars, as well as the potentially exposed viewership within 30 meters. This gave mobilads the ability to measure the exposure and the number of impressions, which in this case, is the audience physically seeing the ads in the real world. Matching audiences to these moving billboards requires a data-first approach to measure the campaign effectiveness throughout the funnel, from awareness of consumer brand’s trucks to the real-world visit.

These audiences also formed the foundation of their retargeting campaign. They pushed the aggregated and anonymized mobile advertising IDs from this custom audience into the Google Display Network, delivering advertisements to this group to reinforce the branding and call-to-action.



mobilads combined the location data from Reveal Mobile’s VISIT Match solution with other data sources, and their own proprietary analytics solution to measure the impact of their campaigns.  Because of the positive results, seen in the charts to the right, the consumer brand decided to renew with mobilads and expand into two additional markets.


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