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Black Friday Shopping Foot Traffic

November 27, 2018 by Reveal Mobile

2018 Black Friday Foot Traffic Statistics By HourTo shed light on how the epic shopping day of Black Friday is changing, we’ve pulled together a few of our own 2018 statistics, as well as data from a few other companies.

First, we examined the timing of shopping patterns on Black Friday, measured throughout the day at the top seven most visited locations.

As we mentioned in Street Fight Mag, “We weren’t surprised to see the rush hour of Black Friday foot traffic occur from 11am-3pm this year, as we saw similar results from last year. As online and mobile shopping continue to grow, and major retailers continue to shift opening hours with plenty of variance throughout Thursday and Friday, the approach of arriving to your favorite retailer at 5am for the best deals is quickly becoming old-school.”

Over the course of Black Friday, we saw that Walmart received 3.4% of all U.S. retail visits, followed by Target at 1.8%, Verizon Wireless at 1.4%, The Home Depot 1.4%, Lowe’s Home Improvement 1.2%, Spring 0.8%, Best Buy 0.7%.

All together these retailers accounted for 10.7% of all retail location visits across the U.S. on Black Friday.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “During Thanksgiving and Black Friday, traffic to U.S. stores fell between 5% and 9% compared with the same days last year, estimated RetailNext, which uses cameras to track people in both mall-based and stand-alone retailers. Another measurement firm, ShopperTrak, estimated traffic fell less sharply, about 1% over the two-day period from a year ago.”

CNBC highlights data from Adobe, which states that “Over thirty-three percent of online orders were placed on mobile this year compared to 29% last year, Adobe indicated. That amounted to over $2 billion in sales.”

The Black Friday statistics here provide brief insight into the continuing trend of retail shopping shifting from in-store to online. However, one must remember that the majority of retail shopping still occurs in a physical store.

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