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Case Study: Audiences and Attribution for Amusement Parks

August 22, 2019 by Reveal Mobile

Forward-thinking agency, Plunge Digital, worked with Magic Springs Theme and Water Park to reach and measure visitors for the July 4th holiday, making creative use of location-based marketing and analytics.


The Set-Up and Campaign Goals

Plunge Digital, a data-driven agency, describes themselves well: “Our mission is to utilize a combination of marketing strategies to identify your target audience and eliminate marketing budget waste by implementing our granular targeting capabilities and focusing on ROI.”

Plunge Digital worked with Magic Springs Theme and Water Park in Hot Springs, AR, to increase visitors to the park during the week of the 4th of July, and specifically for their July 6th firework show.

To win Magic Springs’ business and to secure them as a long-term partner, Plunge Digital knew they needed more sophisticated approaches that delivered positive results.


The customizeability, flexibility and affordability of  Visit Local’s make it a great fit for our agency.  After we’ve used our own solutions to identify the most relevant audiences, we’re able to build exactly what we need and take it to the advertising platform of our choice.  The foot traffic attribution reporting also provides key insights that out clients demand more and more each day.

– Nick ten Bensel, Plunge Digital’s CEO



Magic Springs hired Plunge Digital for a proof of concept campaign. With a limited budget to execute a proof of concept campaign, Plunge Digital required a mid-market solution with attribution reporting to prove efficacy.


The key point: They needed this campaign to be a success to earn repeat business.


Campaign Details

Plunge Digital used multiple solutions to execute the campaign, including their own platform and Reveal Mobile’s VISIT Local software. Through their Social Intelligence & Behaviorment Custom Insights and Analytics solution, they first identified their target market. They determined their baseline on age and income ranges, as well as their highest indexing target geography.

From there, they looked at the top indexing brands and restaurants with which their target audience was most socially engaged. Based on their intelligence and incorporating all of the criteria above, they defined their target audience as those who visit Subway, Taco Bell and the local Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort.



Plunge Digital created a custom location-based audience of visitors to the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, Subways, and Taco Bells in specific local markets. With their target personas in hand, Plunge Digital created a custom location-based audience of visitors to the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, Subways, and Taco Bells in specific local markets.

The total audience size, created with VISIT Local, was 27,843. To that audience, they served a total of 400,000 impressions, 200,000 via social media, 200,000 through digital display.



While exact attendance numbers for June 22nd – July 6th were not available, the measurable audience for those who visited Magic Springs was 1,832 during the campaign period. Of those visitors, 234, or 12.77%, had been delivered advertising. Overall, there was a 6.58% conversion rate out of the audience of 27,843.

On July 6th there were 575 measured visitors. From that base, a total of 42, or 7.3%, were in the audience reached during the campaign.  Because of this success, Plunge Digital has demonstrated an effective and measurable marketing solution, leading to more repeat business.


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