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Common Use Cases for VISIT Match

June 10, 2020 by Reveal Mobile

VISIT Match matches the real-world visitors to your locations, de-duplicates, anonymizes and cleanses the data.  We then add attributes important to your business. Whether its 10 or 10,000+ locations, we match the visitors and provide actionable data from each in a daily feed to your data transfer platform. There are hundreds of use cases for VISIT Match.  We compiled a list of the six most common we hear today describe how our customers use the daily feed of location data.


Out-of-Home Advertisers

Our digital and traditional out of home customers use VISIT Match to measure viewership and the impact of their ads. Some signs are driven around the city on the top of taxis or rideshare vehicles, others are standard billboards on the side of the highway or at a bus stop, but all have viewership from which you need valuable insights. Retarget your viewers for omnichannel advertising, make smart site selection decisions and solve for foot traffic attribution with location data.


Packaged GoodsConsumer Packaged Goods Brands

CPG companies use location data to create audiences of visitors to locations where their products are sold. They layer location data with their other consumer data to power their product development strategy, business decisions, marketing campaigns, customer acquisition efforts, and enhance their customer insights.


Automotive IndustryAutomotive Sales and Service

Dealerships and auto group owners drive sales and service foot traffic using location data. The car buying process is short once a prospect shows up on the lot, their own or their competitors’. Time is of the essence to deliver relevant ads to the right people. On the other hand, our customers drive service sales by geotargeting visitors to service stations in their area. Using a flexible lookback period, they reach those who visited months ago and remind them it is time for an oil change or tire rotation.


InsightsReal Estate Developers

Our customers in the real estate and home builder industries use location data to target home shoppers and calculate the effectiveness of their media campaigns. For example, luxury home builders create audiences from visitors to high-end stores, country clubs and luxury auto dealerships. They target locations they know Millenials visit to entice first-time home buyers. Location data strengthens their business decisions when it comes to site selection and advertising channel optimization.


InsightsData Science and Analytics Teams

Reliable, privacy-compliant location data at scale may be the missing data point in your comprehensive data set. It can be tied to POS and demographic data to create a 360o view of the customer journey. Our customers’ in-house data analytics teams measure foot traffic attribution in order to demonstrate campaign effectiveness.


Retail StoresInternational Advertisers

Outside of the US and Canada, our international customers use our international data set to tie mobile ad IDs to custom locations or their point-of-interest databases. They analyze foot traffic, create custom audiences and measure foot traffic attribution.


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