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Location-Based Audiences Cold and Flu, Luxury Auto, and Last Minute Holiday Ideas

September 28, 2018 by Reveal Mobile

As the season begins to shift (finally) to cooler weather, marketers adapt their campaigns and their strategies to match the time of year. It’s also a great opportunity to explore a few new campaign ideas using location-based audiences.

Box of tissues

Cold & Flu Season

Globally, consumers spent over $29B on cold and flu products in 2017, according to IQVIA.  Sales of herbal teas also accelerate, with Nielsen reporting a  28% increase in purchases during the cold Flu months versus any other time of year.

Marketers responsible for driving more foot traffic to retail locations, or tasked to help increase the sale of over-the-counter products, can use location-based marketing to reach the right audience. The first approach is to create audiences that visit the pharmacy chains such as CVS, Walgreens, and RiteAid. An additional approach is to find audiences that benefit the most from preventative cold treatment, such as senior care, retirement facilities and other at risk groups like individuals with chronic respiratory illness.


Luxury Auto

Each holiday season TV viewers and internet surfers encounter an increase in ads for luxury autos. Who wouldn’t want to get a new Lexus with a big red bow as a holiday gift? If the automotive brands in your market increase their digital ad spend during the holidays, location-based advertising is the perfect way for these brands to reach the right audience. The most obvious approach is to build audiences visiting their own dealer lots and competitors’ locations. One technique we frequently see used is to adjust the look-back date of the historical audience to just 7 days, rather than looking back 30 days. While this decreases the size of the audience, it significantly increases its relevance.  Many consumers only visit the lot after they’ve done a fair amount of research and decision making at home. Another approach to finding a relevant audience for luxury auto shoppers is to build audiences that visit high-end retailers such as Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, and Talbots.Holiday meal

Last Minute Holiday Ideas

Even though most holiday marketing budgets are set in advance of the holidays, the occasional last minute idea will see the light of day. Here are a few non-standard ideas for location-based marketing during the final months of the year. Help your local butcher or the Honey Baked Hams chain find their target market by reaching the audience that visited their locations last holiday season. Grocery stores also push to obtain more consumer spend, so help them with location-based marketing to win back their customers and acquire new shoppers from competitive locations.

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