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Helping In-Store Brands Find Their Audience

August 27, 2018 by Reveal Mobile

When most marketers think about location-based marketing and geotargeting, they first think about helping their clients with physical retail locations. Reaching the audiences that visit these locations, or competitive locations, has become an effective digital marketing strategy for many campaigns.

Helping in store brands find their audiences

While not obvious at first, there is an opportunity to use location-based marketing to help the brands on the shelves at those retail locations. Finding the audience that visits the specific locations where a brand or a consumer packaged good (CPG) is sold is a growing trend that we’re seeing.

Even though the CPG industry has been cutting back digital ad spend, they’re beginning to re-invest in areas that demonstrate positive results. Using location-based audiences holds promise for agencies and digital sales teams looking to win this business.

Location-based marketing typically takes one of two forms. Real-time geotargeting can be used to reach someone when they’re near a location at the moment. Historical location data can be grouped into audience segments, such as Whole Foods shoppers and pet owners, to reach a target market.

Here are a few examples to highlight how CPG brands can utilize location-based marketing.

  • Beauty brands that are sold at hair salons can find and reach the audience that visits these unique hairstylists locations.
  • Nest, the maker of the smart thermostat and other smart home products, can reach the audience that visits Lowe’s Home Improvement and higher end technology stores.
  • Slingshot Cold Brew Coffee can reach the audience that visits Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, and other specialty food stores where their coffee is sold.
  • Blue Buffalo Cat & Dog Food can reach the audience that shops where their products are sold, like Petco and Petsmart.

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