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Reveal Mobile Has Democratized Foot Traffic Attribution for Marketing Campaigns

April 13, 2021 by Reveal Mobile

Attribution is hard. And expensive. To add insult to injury, sometimes it’s wrong. Advertisers have struggled to accurately measure campaign performance for as long as they’ve been running campaigns. 

Attribution is so infamously difficult that everybody knows the adage: Half the money we spend on advertising is wasted. We just don’t know which half.

Why is attribution so hard, expensive and unreliable? Two reasons: Marketing is complex. Consumers are unpredictable.

When you’re running campaigns to generate in-store foot traffic and drive retail sales — this is where attribution has truly fallen short. It’s either been too expensive or too difficult to make sense of.

Until now.

Reveal Mobile’s results-driven geofencing marketing tool, VISIT Local, has democratized attribution for location-based campaigns once and for all. It’s built right into the product, and it’s included with every campaign at no extra cost.

VISIT Local has made foot traffic attribution for marketing campaigns easy, inexpensive and accurate. Best of all, you don’t have to change where you’re running your campaigns to take advantage of VISIT Local’s clear, actionable reports. They’re all in one centralized place.

VISIT Local provides marketers with the ability to track the customer path from view to visit for four advertising channels: web, mobile app, streaming audio, and CTV/OTT. 

With CTV devices and OTT content in 80% of homes and counting, we’re seeing a great many advertisers use this channel for location-based campaigns. It’s all about performance.

While campaign attribution used to be accessible only by the largest organizations, now advertisers big and small can run ads in a wide range of high-growth channels and know precisely how their ads performed.

VISIT Local has leveled the playing field for marketers everywhere. We give media buyers at NRF’s top 100 retailers and digital leaders at 10-person agencies alike the same power to know and understand the value of their paid media investments.